Quick Tips For Applying

CHE uses an online application system for all grant applications. Please note:

  • Your logon is your email address.
  • We recommend you compose your application in a word processing document and copy and paste the text into the online application. Be aware that character counts can vary between programs. You may need to edit the application after you paste the information into the online form. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox will spell-check as you place text into the application.
  • The application system auto-saves approximately every 10 minutes. We suggest you save more often.
  • If you are inactive in the system for more than 40 minutes, you will be automatically logged off.
  • You will need your logon and password to access your application(s) in the future, so be sure to keep that information. If you would like to change your logon and password at anytime, you may do so by following the prompts.
  • Refer to the funding timeline for important dates related to the application process.
  • Contact CHE staff with questions at 402-436-5516.

Ready to begin? Click here to access the online system and start the application process. 

  • This document includes both the Applicant Information handout and copies of the PowerPoint slides used in the October 2018 Applicant Workshops. Clicking on the link will open the document in a new window and give you the option of downloading the document to your computer.

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