To realize our vision of making Lincoln the healthiest community in the nation, the Community Health Endowment (CHE) seeks to fund projects that improve community health and reflect excellence, creativity and innovation.

CHE grant programs are open to any nonprofit organization or governmental agency interested in improving health in Lincoln and Lancaster County. The CHE grant making strategy includes four types of grants.

Targeted Grants. CHE creates targeted funding areas and invites proposals from eligible agencies with an interest and ability to address the targeted issue. This program follows the published Funding Timeline each year.

Spark! Grants. Spark! grants enable grantees to ignite interest, test a new idea, support bold innovation, transform a traditional approach or take a risk. Spark! grant applications must address one or more of the funding priorities established by the CHE Board of Trustees and are one-year or one-time, non-renewable grants. The maximum amount available through a Spark! grant is $20,000. This program follows the published Funding Timeline each year.

Competitive Grants. CHE accepts unsolicited requests for proposals in an open, competitive grant program, allowing agencies to submit proposals for projects which they deem most important or critical to their core mission. This program follows the published Funding Timeline each year.

Strategic Initiatives. CHE may develop major strategic initiatives and invite one or more agencies to apply for funding based upon an identified strategy. This program may or may not follow the published Funding Timeline each year.

Not every grant type is included in every grant cycle. To find out which grant types are included in a specific grant cycle, consult the Funding Announcement for that grant cycle.