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Funding Priorities

CHE has three funding priority areas for 2020. By inviting applications that address these priorities, CHE strives to tackle recognized community challenges, create lasting impact, and make Lincoln the healthiest community in the nation.

Health Innovation

  • Helping adults and children stay healthy outside of a clinical setting
  • Embracing bold ideas and community-based solutions that enhance traditional models of health care and/or behavioral health care

Early Childhood Investments

  • Reducing or eliminating childhood toxic stress
  • Reducing childhood obesity
  • Improving maternal health and birth outcomes


  • Fostering healthy behaviors that lead to improved health outcomes

Funding Preferences

Grant requests in the three priority areas have an improved chance of success when certain factors are also considered. While including these factors in a grant application does not guarantee funding from CHE, applicants are encouraged to consider the following funding preferences whenever possible.

Cross-Sector Collaboration

  • The application creates intentional linkages between cross-sector partners in areas such as health, housing, neighborhoods, finance/banking, economic development, education, and others.

Impact of Poverty

  • The application recognizes the role poverty plays in causing or addressing a community issue.

Use of Local Data

  • The application uses local data to inform the need, target group, or geographic area to be addressed.

Evidence-Based Models

  • The application uses evidence-based models or proven approaches to inform program design and delivery.

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