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Resiliency Fund Priorities

CHE's Resiliency Fund goes through Spring, 2022 and has two funding priority areas:

Health Equity

Lincoln is on the heels of an unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic that has revealed health inequities. CHE intends to build and strengthen community resiliency by focusing funds on health disparities that affect people who are most impacted, including those marginalized or excluded due to race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status.

Areas of emphasis:

·         Measurement of health disparities and/or social determinants of health.

·         Infrastructure that fosters health equity, and/or

·         Programs that promote health equity.

Learn more about health equity here: RWJF Report 

Human Connection

The physical distancing and social isolation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted human connection which could result in long-term, serious consequences to Lincoln residents. 

Areas of emphasis:

Increasing human connection with highly vulnerable populations, including, but not limited to

·        individuals with mental illness and/or substance abuse disorders,

·        the elderly or homebound, and/or

·        children/youth experiencing educational achievement gaps.

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