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CHE Announces Spark! Funding Awards

Following an extensive review of 25 applications in a mid-year Spark! funding cycle, the Board of Trustees of the Community Health Endowment (CHE) is pleased to announce the funding of six projects, representing $73,210 in funding over the next year. Spark! grants represent one-time or one-year grants of up to $15,000 that provide the unique opportunity to pilot an innovative or unproven idea or leverage funding from other sources.

-Sponsor a series of maternal and child health classes for immigrant women, primarily Asian and Hispanic, who lack English language skills. (Lincoln Literacy: $13,210)
-Conduct quality improvement training among five behavioral health agencies for the purpose of improving business practices and reducing client wait times. (Human Services Federation: $7,500)
-Provide mass training and educating in the community about hands-only CPR. (Lincoln Fire & Rescue: $15,000)
-Secure low-cost diabetic supplies using group purchasing power among safety net providers. (Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department: $15,000)
-Create and implement an 8-12 week multi-disciplinary program providing nutrition, exercise, and medical expertise to children who are overweight and their families. (Teach a Kid to Fish: $15,000)
-Provide gap funding to support the implementation of the One Campus project, a large scale grant effort to consolidate services and research for seniors. (Seniors Foundation: $7,500)

The Community Health Endowment of Lincoln was established in 1998 and has granted nearly $15 million to make Lincoln the healthiest city in the nation. For more information about CHE, visit

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