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CHE Announces Funding Awards

Following a review of 46 applications, the Board of Trustees of the Community Health Endowment (CHE) is pleased to announce funding for 14 projects, representing $807,989 in funding over the next year and $1,689,436 in total funding over the next three years. With this announcement, CHE has committed more than $18 million in community grants to make Lincoln a healthier community. New grants are:

Develop an obesity prevention and nutrition education program for Early Head Start families. (Community Action Partnership of Lancaster and Saunders Counties: $17,637)

Provide integrated health and recreation opportunities to persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities. (The Arc of Lincoln: $20,000)

Implement a wellness program for Boys & Girls Club members to encourage eating smart, keeping fit, and forming positive relationships. (Boys & Girls Club of Lincoln-Lancaster County: $10,000)

Provide individualized lactation services to low-income mothers with a goal of reducing obesity and improving health outcomes for at-risk infants. (Milkworks: $10,000 in Year 1; $10,000 in Year 2; and $10,000 in Year 3)

Provide operational funding for a collaborative project to increase physical activity and decrease obesity in Lincoln. (Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln: $135,815)

Provide operational funding to prevent and reduce childhood obesity and investigate the development of a multidisciplinary childhood obesity intervention clinic. (Teach a Kid to Fish: $99,000)

Purchase dental supplies and instruments for a two-day, free dental clinic in Lincoln on August 23-24, 2013 that will serve over 1,500 patients with $750,000 in dental care. (Nebraska Mission of Mercy: $17,500)

Increase the number of dental homes for uninsured patients using the Health360 model. (Multiple Agencies of the Safety Net Community Dental Collaboration: $174,930 in Year 1; $215,565 in Year 2; and $218,745 in Year 3)

Provide dental health education and services in the medical exam room to better integrate dental services into primary care. (People’s Health Center: $29,721)

Use pooled purchasing power to provide video interpretation services to safety net medical providers, provide educational forums to educate the community about healthcare reform and provide administrative support for the Health360 Program. (Lancaster County Medical Society: $129,250 in Year 1; $126,508 in Year 2; and $123,833 in Year 3)

Install classroom amplification systems designed to improve learning outcomes for students with hearing loss and their peers at Prescott and West Lincoln elementary schools. (Lincoln Public Schools: $18,000)

Employ an on-site Nurse Care Manager and support a Patient Assistance Worker to assist clients in understanding the medical home concept, treating/preventing chronic illness, managing referrals and providing other medical triage. (CenterPointe: $54,136 in Year 1; $53,792 in Year 2; and $53,004 in Year 3)

Expand the use of cluster-based planning, an emerging best practice that identifies the appropriate package of services for behavioral health clients, resulting in enhanced efficiency in the delivery system. (Region V Systems: $80,500 in Year 1; $49,000 in Year 2; and $21,000 in Year 3)

Train two therapists in the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy and purchase EMDR equipment to provide trauma treatment to military personnel and their families. (Lutheran Family Services: $11,500)

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