The Community Health Endowment of Lincoln's 2016 Annual Meeting featured six members of the community whose stories show how people are working to make Lincoln a healthier place. To learn about and be inspired by the stories of our six fighters, dreamers, and doers, watch the annual meeting and view  or download our annual report. 

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2016 Annual Meeting Highlights Six Lincoln Fighters, Dreamers, and Doers

This year's Annual Meeting featured six short presentations from people working to make Lincoln a healthier community. The speakers shared how they fought for increasing access to health care, why they dream of helping moms breastfeed their babies, and what they do help people struggling with mental illness. The presentations talked about growing up in places as different as Greeley, Nebraska, and Bogota, Colombia. Together, their stories demonstrate what's possible right here in Lincoln. 

Six people stand in front of the fighters, dreamers, and doers logo.

From left, Cari Johnson, Julie B., Sen. Kathy Campbell, Sharon Cheney, Nikki Siegel, and Sgt. John Walsh pose for a photo at CHE's 2016 Annual Meeting.

CHE also presented three awards during the Annual Meeting. 

"Place Matters" Mapping Project Proves Location Impacts Health

Watch this short video for an overview of CHE's Place Matters Community Mapping Project and an introduction to our interactive, online maps. For access to the online maps, click on the Place Matters tab in the navigation bar above.

The Community Health Endowment (CHE) is working to make Lincoln, Nebraska, the healthiest community in the nation. Focused on that vision, we foster innovation, creativity, strong partnerships and the exchange of ideas. Since its inception in 1999, CHE has returned more than $23 million to the residents of Lincoln to help make Lincoln the healthiest community in the nation.