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When CHE introduced the Place Matters Community Mapping Project in 2015, it changed the way we look at health in Lincoln. We’ve updated the maps and will reveal them at CHE’s 2017 Annual Meeting. We’ll also share three powerful stories of people creating health in their ‘place’ in Lincoln through innovation, investing in early childhood, and fighting childhood obesity. The meeting will take place on Wednesday, May 31, at 3 p.m. at the Bryan East Plaza Conference Center, 1600 S. 48th Street. Please register online:

For more information: or (402) 436-5516

The materials from CHE's Applicant Workshops held April 12 and 13 are available for download by clicking the title of this article. The materials focus on the Stage I application process. Additional training will be offered for applicants invited to submit Stage II applications. Stage I applications are due to CHE by noon on Friday, June 2, 2017, and must be submitted online.

CHE is now on Twitter! Follow us at @che_lincoln to keep up with CHE events, health-related news and our new #HealthyHumansofLincoln series.

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