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Fall 2023 Funding Announcement

The Community Health Endowment is required by city statute to achieve inflation-adjustment growth. Due to the unique market condition over the past 12-18 months, the CHE Board of Trustees and staff have worked very closely with our experienced financial consultants to make prudent decisions about grant-making opportunities. As part of this diligence, CHE has developed a plan to preserve the fund for future generations while allowing for CHE to support a limited grant application process in the Fall 2023.

The eligible applicants for the Fall 2023 grant cycle include our Legacy Projects and other existing projects. Eligible applicants have been identified and informed.

CHE will continue to diligently monitor the financial market and is confident that we will return to an open, competitive grant process in the near future. We encourage interested partners to contact CHE with questions or to discuss future grant ideas.

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