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For Current Grantees

Quarterly Grant Reports

CHE grantees are required to submit quarterly grant reports. These reports communicate accomplishments and challenges of the grant. Reports are due January 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15 of each year. If one of these dates falls on a weekend or holiday, the quarterly report is due the next business day. Reports are accessed and submitted through the online GLM system. Please refer to your grant contract for details about your reporting schedule and other possible grant contingencies. 

Requesting a Payment

Grantees must submit a request for payment using the CHE grant portal, Foundant. You may access it by clicking the blue button at the top of this page. If you do not have an account, please contact for a username and temporary password. 

The payment form can be found under "Follow Up Forms" on your homepage. If you have multiple open grants with CHE, please ensure that you are submitting the request under the correct grant.

If you do not see a payment request form or have any questions, please call 402-436-5516 or email

*Note: You may only request funding in the amount that is approved according to your contract. If you received an installment award, please request the partial amount due. In addition, some contracts may require evidence of matching funds or cost before payment can be released. Please review your contract for these requirements and contact CHE staff with any questions.

Budget Revisions & Extensions

A grantee may determine a budget revision is necessary or more time is needed to accomplish the project goals. Any revision to grant budgets and timelines must be approved by CHE. Contact CHE to request a budget revision or project extension.

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