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Youth Fitness, Sports, and Opportunity in Lincoln

In light of strong evidence regarding the health benefits of youth aerobic fitness and youth sports participation, the Community Health Endowment (CHE), in collaboration with ESU 18 and Lincoln Pubic Schools, have released a report to:

  • Summarize the importance and status of youth fitness in Lincoln, Nebraska;
  • Gain a better understanding of our community’s landscape of youth sports, including barriers to participation; and
  • Identify opportunities to improve fitness among Lincoln’s youth.

Lincoln can elevate and launch this important work through the creation of a Youth Fitness, Sports, and Opportunity Task Force.

This task force can develop a community response and strategic plan regarding the findings of this study; obtain feedback from a broader representation of stakeholders, including students and families experiencing barriers to participation; identify best practices for youth sports delivery and participation in Lincoln; further assess the socio-economic barriers of youth sports and fitness participation; and evaluate the impact of youth sports on the local economy.

Specific Task Force discussion points can be found below. 

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